openxc-dump - view the unfiltered stream of data from a VI

openxc-dump is a command-line tool to view the raw data stream from an attached vehicle interface or trace file. It attempts to read OpenXC messages from the interface specified at the command line (USB, Bluetooth (Linux), serial a trace file) and prints each message received to stdout.

Basic use

View everything:

$ openxc-dump

View only a particular message:

$ openxc-dump | grep steering_wheel_angle

Use a custom USB device:

$ openxc-dump --usb-vendor 4424

Use a vehicle interface connected via serial instead of USB:

$ openxc-dump --serial --serial-device /dev/ttyUSB1

The serial-device option is only required if the virtual COM port is different than the default /dev/ttyUSB0.

Use a VI with a Bluetooth adapter (this is only supported when connecting from Linux at the moment):

$ openxc-dump --bluetooth

This will scan and discover for an OpenXC VI, connect and start streaming the data. If you know the MAC address, you can also provide that explicitly with the --bluetooth-address flag.

Play back a trace file in real-time:

$ openxc-dump --trace monday-trace.json

Command-line options

An overview of all possible command line options can be found via --help.


You can record a trace of JSON messages from the CAN reader with openxc-dump. Simply redirect the output to a file, and you’ve got your trace. This can be used directly by the openxc-android library, for example.

$ openxc-dump > vehicle-data.trace