Example CodeΒΆ

Read an unfiltered stream of OpenXC messages from a USB vehicle interface:

from openxc.interface import UsbVehicleInterface

def receive(message, **kwargs):
    # this callback will receive each message received as a dict

vi = UsbVehicleInterface(callback=receive)
# This will block until the connection dies or you exit the program

If you want to connect to a Bluetooth interface (currently only supported in Linux), just replace UsbVehicleInterface with BluetoothVehicleInterface.

The base VehicleInterface classes all implement the Controller API, which also supports writing CAN messages, creating diagnostic requests and sending configuration commands to the VI.

For example, to create a diagnostic request and wait for responses:

message_id = 42
mode = 1
bus = 1
pid = 3

responses = vi.create_diagnostic_request(message, mode,
        bus=bus, pid=pid, wait_for_first_response=True)

To write a low-level CAN message (the VI must be configured to allow this):

vi.write(bus=1, id=42, data="0x1234567812345678")

To put the CAN acceptance filter in bypass mode for bus 1:

vi.set_passthrough(1, true)

There are many more commands and options, and most have documented APIs in the code base. You are encouraged you to dig around as the library is fairly small and should be easy to grok. More examples and documentation would be a most welcome contribution!