openxc-gps - convert a vehicle data stream to GPX format

openxc-gps is a command-line tool to convert a raw OpenXC data stream that includes GPS information (namely latitude and longitude) into one of a few popular formats for GPS traces. The output file is printed to stdout, so the output must be redirected to save it to a file.

The only format currently supported is .gpx, which can be imported by Google Earth, the Google Maps API and many other popular tools.

Basic use

Convert a previously recorded OpenXC JSON trace file to GPX:

$ openxc-gps --trace trace.json > trace.gpx

Convert a real-time stream from a USB vehicle interface to GPX in real-time (using all defaults, and printing to stdout):

$ openxc-gps

Command-line options

An overview of all possible command line options can be found via --help.