openxc-scanner options and arguments

openxc-scanner is a is a rudimentary diagnostic scanner that can give you a high level view of the what message IDs are used by modules on a vehicle network and to which diagnostics services they (potentially) respond.

When you run openxc-scanner, it will send a Tester Present diagnostic request to all possible 11-bit CAN message IDs (or arbitration IDs). For each module that responds, it then sends a blank request for each possible diagnostic service to the module’s arbitration ID. Finally, for each service that responded, it fuzzes the payload field to see if anything interesting can happen.

Make sure you do not run this tool while operating your car. The Tester Present message can put modules into diagnostic modes that aren’t safe for driving, or other unexpected behaviors may occur (e.g. your powered driver’s seat may reset the position, or the powered trunk may open up).

Basic use

There’s not much to it, just run it and view the results. It may take a number of minutes to complete the scan if there are many active modules.

$ openxc-scanner

Scanning a specific message ID

If you wish to scan only a single message ID, you can skip right to it:

$ openxc-scanner --message-id 0x7e0

Command-line options

A description overview of all possible command line options can be found via --help.